Weholite Pipes

Plasco strives to offer its customers sustainable and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of their projects.

We have now expanded our line to include large diameter Weholite pipes for sewerage and drainage applications. Our HDPE Weholite pipes are manufactured and certified to meet the material and performance requirements of ISO 21138-2:2020 & EN 13476-2:2018.

Why Choose Weholite?

Light Weight

Weholite is lightweight and flexible resulting in easy and quick installation with minimum equipment.

Large Diameters

It comes in large diameters of up to 3000mm with varying lengths and thickness depending on the needs of our customer

HDPE Resin

Weholite is made of HDPE resin. It withstands soil and water forces and does not rust or corrode.

Installation Time

Weholite pipes require considerably less time to install than other piping systems.