Our Facilities

Based in the heart of the industrial hub of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Plasco is ideally located to support its customers in the Water, Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Hydro power, Tele- communications and the Oil and Gas industry in Tanzania and the neighboring countries in East Africa. Plasco’s facilities are purposely built not only to produce at an optimal level, but also to provide exceptional service to its customers.

The plant was built with insight to accommodate for future growth and has a current conver- sion capacity of over 20,000 tons per annum. Our 18,000m2 facility accommodates our Head Office, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, IT and Administration departments. The Plasco facility and processes are fully certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard by SGS-UKAS. Our products are also certified by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and the KIWA Gastec Certification Laboratories, Netherlands.

Our emphasis on quality and efficiency throughout our operation speaks through our end products, service delivery and after-sales service. This enables us to optimise cost, produce the finest high quality plastic pipes and fittings in the region and provide added value to our esteemed customers.




HDPE & uPVC Extrusion

• 6 x Fully automated European-made PE Extrusion lines capable of producing from 16mm to 630mm diameter HDPE pipes of various pressure ratings.
They include the following state-of-the-art auxiliary equipment :

  • Ultrasound pipe scanner to check the pipe dimensions in real time
  • Gravimetric feeding systems for accurate wall thickness control
  • In-line Hot Stamping System for marking pipes according to international standards

• Ultra-modern fully automated European-made PVC Mixing Station with automatic feeding to the Extruders.
• 3 x Fully automated European-made PVC Extrusion lines capable of producing up to 315mm diameter uPVC pipes and includes In-line Inkjet Printing Systems for marking pipes according to international standards.

Conversion Equipment

  • European-made CNC machines for threading and slotting of PVC pipes up to 315mm diameter for Borehole Casing and Drainage applications.
  • Socketing machines for Bell-end and Rubber-ring sockets on uPVC pipes.

Fittings Fabrication Workshop

• A fully equipped fabrication workshop utilizing European-made equipment for manufacturing custom-made HDPE pressure fittings up to 630mm diameter (Segmented Bends, Tees, Cross-Tees, Y-Joints etc.). The workshop equipment includes :
– Butt fusion machines for up to 630mm diameter pipes
– Electro fusion machines
– Band saw to accommodate 630mm diameter pipes
– Lathe machines for machining stub ends and other parts