Who We Are

Be the Leader for Quality Plastic Piping Solutions in East Africa.

Manufacture and supply high quality plastic piping systems to international standards using innovative and state-of-the-art technology.


Reliability: We are your support when you need us

Fairness: We strive always for a fair deal, beneficial to all parties involved

Respect: We respect our stakeholders

Innovation: We focus on manufacturing high quality, innovative plastic piping solutions

Founded in 1992 by four Tanzanian businessmen, Plasco Ltd. officially commenced operations in 1993 from its site on Nyerere Road in the key industrial area of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The first of its products, drinking straws, were produced with a single refurbished extruder, and through steady growth over the course of a decade the company was able to move to a larger site at its current location on Mbozi Road.

In 2007 the company upgraded its production capacity at its factory in Dar es Salaam via the purchase of several state-of-the-art equipment. The equipment included three brand new Italian extrusion lines, new PVC mixing equipment, a new high capacity water chiller, an extensive range of laboratory pressure testing equipment, new borehole casing manufacturing equipment, and a new PVC pipe extruder.

Over the next few years, Plasco continued its expansion via the addition of new equipment to meet the growing demand for quality pipes. By early 2010 a new PVC extruder had been installed and brought into operation, with the objective of further enhancing the production capacity, and enabling Plasco to produce up to 315mm diameter in PVC. Three years later, a new PE extruder was installed to further enhance production capability and to expand Plasco Ltd.’s pipe market, enabling it to produce PE pipes of up to 630mm diameter.

Today, in contrast to that single extruder it started with in 1993, Plasco Ltd.’s current extrusion capability is underpinned by the running of nine extruders (five Polyethylene and four PVC) as well as other modern plastics processing equipment. Plasco Ltd.’s business process includes manufacturing of HDPE & PVC pipes, and trading of related fittings. In addition to this, Plasco Ltd., also specializes in site welding of HDPE Pipes using highly skilled, trained and certified welders and supports a multitude of sectors including Gas, Mining, Water supply, Agriculture, Beverage, Telecoms and Construction.

Plasco Ltd.’s name is synonymous with high quality plastic pipes and fittings, earning it a top spot in plastics manufacturing in Tanzania and East Africa, with a conversion capacity of over 20,000 Tons per annum. Plasco Ltd.’s quality stamp is not only assigned through its extensive experience locally, but also by its adherence to the highest global standards. The company obtained its ISO 9001:2000 Compliance Certification in 2004 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2010; this certification was further upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2016; these being universal quality management standards that ensure we meet statutory and regulatory requirements. Plasco Ltd. produces HDPE pipes to the ISO 4427 and ISO 4437 Standards and PVC pipes to ISO 1452 Standard respectively. The HDPE Gas Pipes manufactured by Plasco are also certified by Kiwa Gastech Laboratories in The Netherlands. Plasco products are also tested and certified by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). In addition, Plasco Ltd. is a member of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) and the Tanzania Chamber of Com- merce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA).

Plasco Ltd.’s commitment to excellence is exhibited across its operations; in all facets of its manufacturing, purchasing, and customer service processes. Plasco’s management team con- stantly works to stay abreast with the latest technology within the industry by attending regular training courses ensuring that they remain informed and qualified in the latest Indus- trial developments & innovations. Plasco remuneration policy is based on merit, which con- tributes extensively towards creating a driven, motivated, and highly skilled workforce with excellent prospects for advancement. It is this philosophy that is at the heart of Plasco’s oper- ations; it is what keeps Plasco Ltd. in pole position in its sector and industry.