Site Welding Services

Plasco has a team of highly skilled, trained and certified welders capable of welding and installing HDPE pipes up to 630mm diameter. This team and the required equipment and tools are deployed to the clients’ site for welding and installing of HDPE pipelines. Plasco is capable of carrying out on-site pressure testing of pipelines to ensure that the welds conform to requirements. The welding parameters of each joint are also provided to clients for their records.
This further enables Plasco to become a one-stop shop by providing a complete piping solution to its clients.

buttfusion welding services

Butt Fusion Jointing


  • Preferred option, joint is as strong as the pipe
  • No fittings required
  • Continuous fully homogeneous pipe
mechanical welding services

Mechanical Jointing


  • Demanding conditions or remote locations
  • End restraint type fittings
  • Connecting to other materials and flanges
electrofusion welding services

Electro-fusion Jointing


  • To be used when pipes cannot be butt welded
  • Electro-fusion fittings required
electrofusion welding services

Weholite HDPE Pipes Joining Systems


  • Low Pressure Couplings  : Using Low Pressure couplings to facilitate quick and easy Weholite pipe jointing
  • Extrusion Welding: Jointing of Weholite Piping utilizing HDPE extrusion welding