Area – Northern Kahama (Bulyanhulu)
Project – Replacement of 450mm Steel pipes by 450mm HDPE pipes

Kilombero Rice Plantation

Area – Kilombero, Morogoro
Project – Irrigation scheme to supply and install 630mm HDPE Pipes.

Ndolela African Plantations

Area - Madaba, Songea
Project - Penstock for mini Hydro power project for Tea Plantation.
Scope of work - Supply and install 800m of 630mm HDPE pipes and fittings.

Darakuta Ranch

Area – Babati, Northern Tanzania
Project – To upgrade existing 1MW hydro scheme which was utilising 315mm PVC & Steel piping by supplying and installing 500m of 630mm HDPE piping which significantly increased the capacity and efficiency of the scheme.

Joint Venture NPD-EMP-EWWCE Rwanda

Area – Rulindo District, Northern Province, Rwanda
Project – Muyanza Irrigation System (1,100Ha)
Installation of over 100km HDPE pipe- line consisting of 500mm to 40mm diameter pipes and related fittings.


Area – Geita Gold Mine
- Mine pit dewatering required to maintain mining operations especially during the rainy season.
- Uneven and rough terrain causing considerable axial forces on the pipeline
Restricted space and maneuverability

Solution :
280mm main PE pipeline
Joining of the main line by butt welding Overall length of the system 2.5km

Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA)

Area: Ilala, Dar es Salaam
Project: Construction of JNIA that is spread over 2700 hectares and currently has 2 terminals and 2 runaways
SOW: Supply and installation of underground fire ring main, re-routing of Terminal 2 water line, foul and rainwater lines, pumped sewer line and irrigation pipelines

Luponde Hydropower plant

Area: Njombe, Iringa
Project: Hydropower
SOW: Supply and install penstock piping of 2500m, 630mm HDPE pipes and fittings to supply power to Luponde Tea Estate and 8 villages

Relocation of a gas pipeline at Tazara railway to accommodate the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)

Area: Ilala, Dar-es-Salaam
Project: Relocation of a gas pipeline at Tazara
SOW: Supply of gas pipes and fittings

Relocation of a gas pipeline at Ubungo Flyover

Area: Ubungo, Dar es Salaam
Project: Relocation of a gas pipeline at Ubungo
SOW: Supply of gas pipes and fittings