plasco-borehole-casingplasco- upvc-borehole-casing

Borehole Casings

Plasco uPVC borehole casings are manufactured to DIN 4925 standard with trapezoidal threads and female belled-ends. The male threaded ends can also be fitted with a rubber O-ring for a superior leak-free joint if required to ensure that every drop of ground water that enters the well has been extracted at the greatest possible depth. This is a long proven design technique that is widely used to prevent contaminated water lying at or close to the surface from entering the well.

In addition to this, Plasco also manufactures its own range of borehole casings – these are labelled PLASCO CASE and PLASCO SCREEN in the specification table below.

uPVC Borehole Casing Specifications:

Download Brochure (PDF, 208KB)