Weholite extrusion-welding

Weholite Products

Plasco Weholite Pipe is a large diameter, flexible, lightweight and durable structured wall pipe made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin. The pipe does not rot, rust or corrode is easy to install, and capable to withstand high loads. Plasco Weholite pipe can be manufactured in large diameters of up to 2.2 metres and a range of ring stiffnesses. Thanks to its unique production method, Plasco can design and manufacture both the pipe diameter and stiffnesses according to the customer’s needs. The Plasco Weholite Pipe is preferred for many municipal and industrial applications including stormwater management, sewage treatment systems, culverts, marine pipelines, and irrigation water distribution. It is an ideal solution for all your sewerage and drainage applications

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